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[s]Cube has established a Center of Excellence (COE) for the Accela Automation product to assist state governments and local municipalities with automating their Land Management, Licensing and Asset Management, and Code Enforcement processes. [s]Cube’s Accela COE consists of the following:

  • Strong team of Accela certified Project Managers, System Architects, and Implementation Consultants.
  • A knowledge repository that consists of product documentation, lessons learned, product proof of concepts (POC), test documents, analysis and design documents, and an extensive code library.
  • Established project management and development processes based on successful implementations of Accela Automation.

Accela Automation(AA) provides powerful features that enhance the way end-users interact with agency data. It has a powerful workflow engine that is configured based on the agency’s existing practices. AA also includes the following features: a robust reporting framework, fee and cashier management, electronic document review, and smart charts.

[s]Cube has successfully implemented AA for many municipalities across the country and also provides the following services that often accompany every AA implementation:

Interface development
For Accela Automation to be able to have bi-directional communication with the other agency systems, it is necessary to build interfaces of different types using J2EE / .NET and with the help of API’s exposed by Accela and Other Systems. [s]Cube team has developed expertise in this area by developing various interfaces between Accela and Agency Systems. [s]Cube has a good understanding on the APIs and function libraries exposed by the Accela Automation.
Data Migration
As Accela Automation replaces and existing systems, it becomes mandatory to migrate the Agency Data to the Accela based application, so that the existing users can continue to use the new system. Data Migration can be a tedious process as it involves migrating data from Legacy environment, which brings its own complexities. [s]Cube team has worked on migrating data from such environments to the Accela Automation and hence gained sound experience in this area.
Testing Services
Once the Application is build, it needs to be tested to make sure that the functional requirements are met. In addition, there could be other types of testing involved such as Performance Testing, Automation testing, Regression Testing and so on. [s]Cube team had the opportunity to work on such projects and provide end-to-end testing services. As a result, [s]Cube team has gained substantial functional knowledge on the Accela Automation as well as the Domain knowledge on various License Types and related workflow.

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